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Thank you for taking the time to visit the GDP website, as the dental director for Golden Dental Plans, I can attest to the many benefits of becoming a participating provider. These benefits include increased patient volume, very attractive monthly capitation payments, and progressive supplemental reimbursement for most lab based procedures. This unique payment system speaks volumes to GDP’s commitment to form mutually profitable relationships with our providers. To take advantage of this rapid practice building opportunity please contact GDP for complete details.

John Valenti, D.D.S.
Dental Director

Why Join Golden Dental Plans Provider Network?

  • GDP Offers Profitable and Competitive Fee Schedules
  • Fast Claim Payments
  • Patient Referrals
  • Minimal Pre-Determinations
  • Rapid Pre-Determination Turn Around
  • Annual Utilization Reviews to Ensure Provider Profitability

Call now to join the hundreds of your colleagues who have already discovered the many benefits of participating in the Golden Dental Plans provider network.